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Document Management

The aim of document management software is to achieve maximum efficiency. Not only do we want to support our clients in reaching this goal, but also want to make sure that users are also highly satisfied.

Beta Systems Software AG in Berlin is one of the market leaders for software to ensure company-wide and cross-platform distribution and archiving of print documents, auditable control procedures for computing processes, security monitoring, and reliable data protection and transmission. We have adapted the icons of all Beta Systems Software AG applications to ensure a consistent appearance.

KTS Informationssystem GmbH, software-producer of the product Domestic, is one of Germany's leading companies for knowledge-management software. The software has been in use since 1980 and has evolved continuously and successfully since then. We created a concept and a style guide for a new and improved user interface for this company's product line.

Steadforce GmbH in Munich optimizes the business processes of its clients in line with their business strategy and implements these in the form of innovative and reliable IT-solutions. In the context of product development, we created user profiles in the form of personas, established all relevant scenarios and developed a tailormade optimized user interface.

IXOS Software AG is among the world leaders in providing archiving and document management systems. Next to general coordination tasks in the area of user interface design, we contributed towards a substantial improvement of the usability of the IXOS 6 Suite and client applications in cooperation with the department User Experience.

Open Text – this Canadian company specializes on Enterprise Content Management. Its products ensure an efficient and safe administration of all business-related data. We redesigned the look and feel of various products for the Open Text Corporaton and updated and expanded its spectrum of graphics and icons.

The Munich-based company Process² develops solutions for a secure and transparent control of business processes. Our contribution to this company was to create and implement the layout and the design of their product process.enterprise. The company was acquired by the Intalio Inc. in 2008.

The company Quattro-Soft GmbH based in Inzell is one of the market leaders for cost control software for the building industry. Together with the Quattro-Soft GmbH we have made the software QSCostCo more attractive and have optimized the workflow and the usability of the user interface.

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