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Industrial Solutions

No other industry sees such need to adapt to the demands set on user-interfaces as a function of its purpose. Our experience makes us a competent partner in this area.

Art of Quality GmbH practices high-quality software developent as a structural engineering. The resulting quality standards ensure, that the project results fullfill the most significant demands to quality. We have supported Art of Quality in one of these projects with our know how.

debis Systemhaus is a service provider for all IT matters. We prepared a study for them on the dynamic networking of subsidiaries, contract partners and contract garages of the DaimlerChrysler AG to its headquarters, giving special emphasis to efficient application possibilities.

The General Electric Company is known as a worldwide technology corporation that is active in many industries. In an international product development context with hardware, firmware and software aspects, we used the Personas technology to determine the requirements on the software components. The results provided the basis for the next steps, designing the user interface and developing the software prototype.

MAS Software GmbH is based in Munich and primarily develops programmes for steering appliances in transmission engineering and for managing transmission networks. We considerably improved the usability of their software for monitoring cable and microwave pathways.

Siemens AG, headquartered in Munich, is one of the world's leading industrial enterprises. In the field of product development of artificial neuronal networks, we analyzed and documented existing workflows as well as user profiles in the form of personas. This gave us the foundation for a new, flexible and clearer user interface.

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